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burnintest log - what does it mean?

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  • burnintest log - what does it mean?

    The system was running for 4.45 minutes and then the system hung. It was unresponsive and had to be rebooted.

    There were no error during the testing period, but the log indicated a hard disk error.

    The log reads

    BurnInTest detailed error log file: Created: Thu Feb 13 07:28:31 2003 Thu Feb 13 12:14:41 2003 : Hard disk, Error while reading from the disk, File: C:\~bittest~00050, Block Size: 2048, Block Num: 6896, Ops: 1619359744

    From your experience does this mean a flakey hard drive? Tha the hardware needs to be repalced.

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    There is no known bug in our software that could cause this. I would try,
    1/ Try just running the harddisk test by itself, turn all other tests off
    2/ Check to see if the behavior is the same with the latest version of BurnInTest V3.1.

    The number #1 problem for system lockups is bad video drivers. especially in older versions of BurnInTest as they used version 3 of DirectX. BurnInTest V3.1 uses DirectX 8.

    The disk error in the log indicates that there was a error returned by the Window O/S during a file read. It is not normal, but it is hard to know the root cause without some experimentation and investigation. You can not ignore the possibility that you might have a disk hardware fault for file system fault.

    It would also help to know some additional information about your system. Like which O/S, file system and hardware you have and if you have run the Windows disk checkup recently to verify file system integrity.

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