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Serial Port "No operations reported in timeout period"

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  • Serial Port "No operations reported in timeout period"

    Running the latest version of BIT I am getting a "No operations reported in timeout period" on random COM ports.
    The actual serial port does not seem to be a problem in operation.
    I will ask about the cause of this error.

    System specifics:

    Intel Core I5 Haswell SOC Processor(I5-4210U)
    8GB memory, 128GB m-SATA SSD
    Windows 7 embedded pro x64


    1. Typically, when testing Serialport,Is RTS / CTS / DTR / DSR set to DISABLE?
    The results are different depending on the RTS / CTS / DTR / DSR Enable / Disable status.

    2. Could an error occur depending on the system load status?
    For example, if the load is 70%, it is normal for 24 hours. If it is over 80%, error occurs within 24 hours.

    3. I would like to know more about how the burnintest tests serial port testing in detail.

    4. How much load should be set when testing common items such as CPU, RAM, Comport, USB, 2D / 3D, Disk?
    Do I have to test all items with 100% load?

    Please check and reply
    Thank you

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    We have never done any testing on Windows 7 Embedded.

    No operations reported in timeout period for a test might mean the driver crashed (serial drive in the case) or the whole system was super slow. If the system was super slow it might be due excessive load and / or due to memory leaks, which cause a lack of free RAM, which in turn cause disk swapping. Once you start disk swapping then the system can fairly quickly start to thrash under high load. Thrashing then leads to timeouts and crashes.

    Don't set all the test duty cycled to 100%. It doesn't do what you think.

    Instead see the recommendations here
    Under the heading, "What duty cycle setting should be used?"