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    So I have been problems with my computer stuttering and having delay when I try to open any files, play videos, type etc...I have tried updating all my drivers, defragging, disk cleanup, antivirus/malware, fixing registry errors all of which did not alleviate the problem. I downloaded BurnInTest and had it test all of my hardware at 100%, as it was running I noticed my computer ran perfectly once again. I started to deselect the various tests seeing which ones would effect my computers performance and found that it was while the hard drive test was running my computer improved. The program found no errors and I still have 472gb free out of 582gb...any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    It isn't normal that placing additional load on the computer makes the computer run more smoothly.

    Maybe in the power control options you have set the hard drive to go to sleep after a very short period. So then when you want to use the machine the drive hasn't spun up resulting in a delay in doing anything. But by running the disk test, you keep the drive spinning?
    This is just a wild guess.


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      Thank you for the reply, I checked my power control options to and sadly that isn't it; as of now it is set to never sleep. If anyone has any other ideas I'd love to hear them.


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        Have a look in the Windows 'resource monitor' tool during the pausing and stuttering.
        You might see high CPU, disk or network load from some 3rd party software.


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          So I looked at the resource monitor as you suggested and only thing I really noticed was the disk response time, while burnintest was running the highest value was under 40ms, when the test ended some of them would spike up to 7000ms. Any ideas on why it happens or how to fix that?


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            I get average times of 2ms on my disk. It is a SSD however.
            5ms - 10 ms average would be about normal for a traditional HDD.
            40ms is slow even by 5400 RPM disk standards.
            7000ms is an absolute eternity.

            So something is wrong.

            Was the computer always like this, or did it just start happening recently?

            Try DiskCheckup to see if the drive itself is reporting any faults,

            What type of disk is it? How is it connected to the motherboard? How old is it?

            I assume you are using Win7. If you look in device manager under the ATA controllers, what "Mode" is being used for your hard drive. It should be "Ultra DMA Mode 6" or "Ultra DMA Mode 5".


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              Well the 40 was just the highest value, I would say the average was between 5-10 while the test was running and while it wasn't the average was probably around 4000-5000.

              I would say that it started happening a couple months ago, I feel as if it has gotten a bit worse but I have no objective proof on that.

              I ran Diskcheckup and it discovered no errors and the disk itself is a Toshiba 640GB MK6461GSYN 7200rpm SATA2 16MB Notebook Hard Drive 2.5 Inch Rotational Speed and it is a little under 2 years old. As for how it is connected to the motherboard I'm unsure on how to answer that.

              I looked around for the ATA controller mode being used and could not find an advanced settings tab that would have it, I looked around online and most people have a channel 0 that has that as an option but you can see in mine that I don't have that option. Is there some other spot I could find out?

              And once again thank you for all your help, it is greatly appreciated.


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                If this is a laptop drive it is less likely to have cabling or controller issues.

                5000ms is 5 seconds.

                Still sounds to me like the drive is going to sleep and spinning down. Maybe there are settings in BIOS.