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Motherboard failure after benchmarking

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  • Motherboard failure after benchmarking

    I tried the passmark software (5.1) on a system and it passed the tests. When I went to turn the system on again the next day, the power went through the mobo but no image was sent to the monitor. I was using a high end Asus mobo (A8N32) and a Geforce 6800 PCI-E card. I phoned Asus who went through a series of tests (new graphics card, RAM etc) and pronounced the mobo dead. I sent it back to Ebuyer who also said the mobo was dead.

    They then sent me a new Asus mobo (different model though A8N premium) and I rebuilt system with this. It was up and running perfectly for 2 hours whilst software was installed, updated and tested and rebooted a few times. Then I ran the burnin test (5.1) and it passed. I shut the system down for a couple of hours then rebooted and, as before, no graphics.

    Anyone ever come accross this before? Any ideas?

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    Well at least it failed before you put the machine to serious use and while to board was under warranty.

    We haven't seen this behaviour before, but it might be,

    1) A bad power supply or power spikes blowing up the MB

    2) A design or component flaw with the MB's. e.g. a capacitor that only fails after being heated and cooled a few times.

    ASUS Taiwan have purchased a several copies of our BurnInTest software, so there are at least a few people within ASUS that use it.



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      Many thanks David. I think a bad power supply may be the answer, I'll order another along with a new MB today.