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  • Disk Test display window

    First, thanks to ya'll we've improved the quality of our delivered product tremendously!

    Now, I do have a question. I'm in the process of transitioning from v4 to v5.1 and noticed that the Disk Test window is completely blank. In the Live Results window The opertions/cycles are incrementing as expected AND I've run v4 on the same machines and it appeared normaly. Bot versions report no errors.

    So is this a bug, or was there a change between versions?

    All I care about are the results, but unfortunately I'm in a situation where tech-ignorant managers will spaz if something doesn't 'look' right.

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    It is not normal that the window is empty. Sounds like a bug. Maybe a problem in converting an old configuration file.

    Can you try creating a new configuration file in V5.1 and see if the problem still happens.

    Can you send us your config file. help [@] passmark [dot] com.