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BurnInTest got error message - No operations reported in timeout period.

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  • BurnInTest got error message - No operations reported in timeout period.

    System got error message in Memory and Sound portion and shows "No operations reported in timeout period".

    But I can get passed result by single test item after over night.

    May I know the possibly root cause with "No operations reported in timeout period" in Memory or Sound portion?

    System/ Resource occupied or memory defected?

    CPU: AMD A6-9220c
    DDR: Samsung 8GB
    OS: Win10 RS5

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    Can you post the screen shots again. They accidentally got deleted.

    I think you were using V8. So you might want to try V9 instead.

    "No operations reported in timeout period
    This means one of the test threads crashed, or was running very slowly.
    If this was a long test, memory leaks in 3rd party software can cause this. But so can hardware failure.
    Sometimes more information might be available in the log.


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      Here comes failed screenshot.

      Yes, we use v8.1 to test system and maybe can verify v9.0 later.

      I suppose it shall not be hardware failure but performance.

      Due to we can pass memory test by single item test point of view.


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        For failed log, the log only shows "Warning Memory No operations reported in timeout period" and no further described,

        I'll double confirm v9.0 test result.


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          If you see the same problem in V9, you can send us the log file and we can take a look at it.

          We still think it is likely there is a memory leak. Leading to a low RAM situation, leading to the swap file being used, leading to dramatic system slowdowns and thrashing. Some sound card device drivers have this problem. Disabling the sound test might hide the problem.


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            Here comes error log for you referenced.

            I also verify this issue without Sound test item but failed still.

            And error can't be duplicate once we switch loading from 100% to 50%.

            In switch loading point of view, does it possibly cause by poor CPU performance?

            Due to AMD A6-9220c was 6W TDP CPU so as old platform.
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              Both the log files are still from V8.
              If you do want to provide V9 logs, please also turn on debug mode.


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                Hi Passmark,
                Please help to check the log which captured from 9.2.1009.
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                  Looks like sound test crashed under load. This is sometimes a bad device driver leaking RAM. See my post from two years ago above.

                  Sound card drivers are very badly tested. There have been bugs in them going back almost 20 years. No one seems to care enough to fix the bugs however.