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    can you please answer the "????" parts , thanks in advance:

    I know it will spawn two tasks, the first task uses the file name xxxxx and the second task uses the file name yyyyy (just used x and y for these instances).

    Each task creates a file of size ????M, reads the file back and compares the data. It then does the same thing but with different data over and over again.

    The two tasks are started ??? seconds apart at a constant rate of ???? Seconds between each read/write.

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    I'm assuming you're talking about the disk test in BurnInTest (Windows), a directory called "BurnInTest test files" will be created in the root directory of the disk under test. The test files are created in this folder and start with "~bittest" followed by the drive letter and a number.

    The size of the test file is a % of the total disk size and can be set in the test preferences.

    The amount of time between the read and write cycles is not constant and depends on the disk speed, test file size, duty cycle for the disk test and whether you are running any other tests that will put load on the system.

    There is more information about the disk tests in the BurnInTest help file.