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  • Linux Version of BurnInTest

    I really enjoy the Windows version for testing of machines and appreciate the quick updates and new features. However, the Linux version seems to be lacking, which is why I have not and will not purchase it until it can test over 4GB of memory (the comparison page lists it as testing 4GB of RAM only in the footnote). I assume the Linux version is less in demand, but I would love to have a more updated version to put onto a custom Linux USB thumb drive instead of WinPE because Linux would be easier to build and faster to load than a WinPE version, and I could use it to test Macs from a Live CD/USB. Plus, for those cases when I DO have to Burn In a Linux box, an updated version would come in handy. And perhaps if updates are going to be continually slower than the Windows version, the price should be cut to reflect the return value of it.

    Just my thoughts.....

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    The 64bit build of the Linux version will test more than 4GB of RAM. The 32bit build is limited to the 3GB process memory limit, while it technically possible to test more than we don't feel the benefit is worth the amount of development effort required for 32bit.

    The Linux market is much much smaller, the development process and tools and no where near as streamlined as Windows and supporting all the fragmented distributions is much more difficult. All that aside we update the Linux version fairly regularly and try to keep the feature set fairly in line with the Windows build (and the price is already lower than the Windows professional version).


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      Thanks for the reply. The last build date for the Linux version as stated on your site is February of 2012--I would hardly call this as being updated "fairly regularly." The old date of it frightens me to purchase it.

      I do see mention of a 64bit version included in the price at the bottom of the page, thank you, but perhaps Passmark should update their comparison page and description of the Linux package that it can test more than 4GB of memory with 64bit version included, instead of just having a red x next to the memory testing without any footnote pertaining to the 64bit Linux version.

      I've evaluated the Linux version in the past and actually found it useful, but that was more than a year ago. Since then, I've been waiting for more updates to the program to justify a purchase.


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        Date is wrong.

        Complete history is here,

        4 releases in 2012 and 1 this year so far, plus another one under development at the moment.

        The 64bit Linux release can test more than 4GB.