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Changes in scripting syntax | Bit v9 1012

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  • Changes in scripting syntax | Bit v9 1012

    Hello there,

    I just noticed some changes in scripting during the upgrade from Bit 8.1 1023 to 9.0 1012

    Those changes are not documented in the changelog / manual - or only partly:

    "SETUSB 2" doesnt work anymore , instead i'll have to write "SETUSB NUMBER 2"
    Even though the changelog noticed some USB-parameters where added, it nowhere states that there are script breaking changes. SETUSB 2 will now produce an error.
    I do understand why you've added the other parameters, but the "Number" parameter is somehow pointless - it's script breaking, producing more code, and doesn't have any adavantage over the old syntax.

    "SETSERIALPORTS DISABLE yes" doesn't work anymore, not even the example from current BIT 9.0 manual. Instead i have to write "SERSERIALPORTS DISABLERTS yes DISABLEDSR yes" The "FLOWCONTROL" parameter has just gone.

    So for me there is no actuall problem, i'll just have to change a lot of stuff.
    Anyway, would be nice to have a big red warning in the changelogs whenever there are some script-breaking changes. Also the manual is not up-to-date. (Serialport example)


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    Sorry this inconvenienced you.

    The changes kept the format consistent with the other commands, where there are multiple options each option has a keyword and a value, likely it also matches up with the code in BuirnInTest that parses the script and sets up the test where it expects this format.

    We'll update the help to remove the old DISABLE mention in the next build.