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passmark burnintest lag and hang in Win10

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  • passmark burnintest lag and hang in Win10

    Dear Passmark,
    We use below configuration for burnintest in win10 system and system very lag or hang
    And if we change ethernet Lan from 100% to 90%. System can pass over night testing. So , Could we use below test item 100%?

    burnintest select test item as below and set to loop mode

    1. Serial port 100%(2 COM port RS232)
    2. video 100%
    3. 2D 100%
    4. 3D 100%
    5. Ethernet network Lan 100%
    6. Disk 100%
    7. memtest pro (

    Computer information as below
    1. CPU kabylake I7-7700
    2. DDR4 32Gb
    3. WD 500G HDD

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    We don't suggest running all tests at 100%. It doesn't make sense to do this. See,

    Also doesn't make sense to run an external RAM test at the same time that is going to use all available RAM. It can lead or low memory situations, which lead to disk swapping, which leads to thrashing, which lead to freezes and crashes. Using the RAM test included in BurnInTest or MemTest86.


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      Dear David,
      Thanks for your help!