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  • TPM testing

    Are there any plans on Trusted Platform Module (TPM) testing in BurnInTest?

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    We haven't had this request as yet before.
    So we don't have any immediate plans.

    Did you have some idea about how it should be tested?


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      There are some "tests" that can be done on the TPM as part of the WHCK (Windows Hardware Certification Kit) however they are only aimed at either compliance or presence from what I can tell. All of the different tests I looked at reboot the computer multiple times as well.

      You can see some descriptions here, scroll down on the left side until you see the other TPM links.


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        We have a tool for cyclic rebooting. So it is no problem to do that.

        I have also made a note to have a deeper look at what else could be done for deeper testing in a future BIT release.


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          Thanks for the input, guys!

          I don't have any specific test ideas. We are qualifying a new TPM part, and we wanted something that would verify the TPM is opearating correctly during environmental tests.

          Our current test environment is 64-bit Windows 7 Pro, so BitLocker is not a option.