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USB3.0 loopback test fail on the Apollo Lake

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  • USB3.0 loopback test fail on the Apollo Lake

    Hi PassMARK:

    I used the USB 3.0 loopback module with USB 3.0 Tester tool for Intel Apollo Lake f1 stepping test. It has fail as attachments. I updated the Intel's driver and USB3.0 loopback firmware, driver and tool to latest. It still has same fail message. Can you give me some suggestion for this issue?

    USB 3.0 Tester: 2.0.1006
    USB 3.0 loopback driver: V1.2.3
    Loopback firmware: V2.5
    Attached Files

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    Most likely it is a low level electrical issue. e.g. bad cable or bad USB port.


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      I change the CPU to to D0 stepping. It is work normal.


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        OK, thanks for the feedback. I was going to say that it is a bit surprising that the CPU was the cause of the problem, but then I realised that this was a SoC type of processor, with the USB function included with the CPU. So maybe the updated CPU can fix it.

        Which CPU model number was it?


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          Checked the BIOS register setting which was wrong. I think it was the BIOS issue for checking CPU stepping.
          Thank you for your help.