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3D Graphics Test Windows

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  • Tim (PassMark)
    We'll look at making the DX12 test movable for the next build of BurnInTest 9.

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  • zenmota
    started a topic 3D Graphics Test Windows

    3D Graphics Test Windows

    BurnIn Test Pro Version 9 build 1016. When running the 3D Graphics Test with DirectX Version set to Auto or 12 the window that pops up with the graphic that shows when running the test is right in the middle of the screen and you cannot move it. It is kind of in the way not allowing you to see the test running behind it. However, if I select DirectX 9 in the settings, I can move the window when the test is running. Would like to be able to move this window with the 3D Graphics test set to Auto or 12. Have attached a screenshot of window.

    Windows 10 Pro V1903 with all updates.

    Thank you for your time,

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