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  • Automating BurnInTest

    Hello, We use BurnInTest Pro and have a current licence/support agreement.

    We run this software through PXE on test machines, which uses WinPE.

    At present this simply boots into BurnInTest, where we load the existing saved test profile and hit go.

    Once the test is finished we insert a USB flash drive and save the report, which is in HTML format. We save this file the serial number of the machine (which is in the format such as 00001234). We then transfer this certificate via USB to our server and send it to our customer.

    What we want to do is automate this - ideally we'd like it to do the following;

    1) Load via PXE same as current
    2) Once BurnInTest loads like it does not, ideally popup asking for the machine serial number. The operator would enter this and hit OK. This should then start a specific test - no user interaction required.
    3) It runs the test (which is usually 24 hours) and once passed it should save the report, with the filename in the serial number (e.g. 00001234.HTML). I can probably figure out an "open" network share to map to the test environment so it can save this on to the server rather than inserting USB drives.

    Is what I am asking above possible?

    Thank you.

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    I looked up your licenses. You seem to have 1 license from 2 years ago which isn't under support.
    For one license automation shouldn't be a concern.
    If this isn't the case you might want to contact us.


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      Hi, I am just picking this back up. I didn't get an email notification of a reply and it wasn't until today that I needed to revisit this.

      I will look into the support licence issue - I understand we paid for an upgrade version less than a year ago, so not sure what's happened there. We are running the latest version I believe.

      Since my last message I've got PXE boot working, so we can boot multiple machines into BurnInTest without issue - All working great.

      What we now want to do is;

      1) When it loads, it launches a predefined test and asks for the system serial number - which the operator must enter - This is an 8 digit number. The test would then begin.
      2) When the test finishes, it saves off the HTML version of the BurnInTest on to a network share then shuts down the machine.

      Is this possible and how do we go about doing this please?


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        See my previous post.


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          Originally posted by David (PassMark) View Post
          See my previous post.
          Thanks - I looked into this. It turns out we last purchased the V9 Pro on the 9th March 2018 - However I purchased the latest release and support yesterday (you should be able to see that now in our account).

          Are you able to help with our query regarding the automation please?


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            so we can boot multiple machines into BurnInTest without issue
            Except that you still only have 1 license.
            You can find a summary of the license conditions here