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    I call the batch files at the end of the tests, to perform PASS or FAIL operations.
    I have built a number of configuration (bitcfg type) files, and if I call them to run one by one in BIT, then the test is performed and the BATCH file is up and running.
    I wrote a script to call this tests (which work in stand alone) one after another. The tests run, except part of a calling to batch files at the end of each one, as if none existed and with no comments or errors appear.
    I've done a similar thing on a different PC, and here everything works wonderfully and at the end of each sub-test there's batch file executed.
    Can you help on this? What can be done ?

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    If it all works on another PC, then something must be different in the environment.
    Like maybe some of your batch files are missing on the non working PC. Or maybe there is a different folder structure.


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      If I load configurations its stand alone, its run perfect and call to external batch file in the end.
      If I load script file, and load-run each configuration one after another, tests executed normally, but no one of them call to external file in the end (include the last one).
      I checked the paths and names, but all seemed fine. Can be problem in windows or batch files?