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"No operations reported in timeout period" when execute RAM test

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  • "No operations reported in timeout period" when execute RAM test


    I met an error "No operations reported in timeout period" occurs when execute RAM test from BurnInTest v9.1 (1001).
    There is no error if execute MemTest86 v8.3, also cannot reproduce the fail symptom by BurnInTest v9.0(1017).
    System does not hang up or BSOD when error occurs.
    Do you have any suggestion about this error with BurnInTest v9.1 (1001)?
    Attachment is the debug log.
    Appreciate your reading and help.

    Unit info
    CPU: Intel Core i7-10610U @1.80Ghz
    RAM: Samsung M471A1K43DB1-CWE DDR4 3200MHz
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    It sounds like the memory test process crashed / froze and the memory operations count stopped updating.

    We have seen this happen on systems that have nearly no free RAM (*), but the user sets the BurnInTest RAM preferences window to test more RAM than is available in the system. Then you get disk swapping, once the system is out of RAM, which is extremely slow. Which causes timeouts and other system problems.

    (*) The specific example was using Win10 with only 4GB of RAM, and then loosing another ~1GB of RAM to the video card in the form of shared memory. So free RAM was only a few 100MB, just after the system was booted. It is nearly pointless running a RAM test when only 100MB of RAM out of 4GB is actually available for testing. Or put another way. 4GB isn't enough RAM for WIn10 to work well anymore.

    Could you please enable trace level 2 logging in the options and attach or send us a copy of the trace log so we can look at what might be happening.