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Data verify failure problem

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  • Data verify failure problem


    I am running BurnInTest V9.0 Pro 1014 (64-bit) testing emmc(disk).I got the Data verify failure problem in every cycle.

    you can see the log.file in 1.log.

    2.log test result was testing by Safe mode(win10),And that's no Data verify failure error.

    how's that happens?And how can I fix it?

    thank you
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    Interesting errors.
    They don't look random enough to be hardware errors.
    So more likely a software issue of some sort. BurnInTest doesn't change it behaviour in safe mode. So likely 3rd party software.
    e.g. a bad device driver or malware?


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      I try to reinstall windows10 & driver.
      Data verify failure problem came out after installing the graphics driver(Intel® Graphics - Windows® 10 DCH Drivers).
      Is that anything connect between graphics driver and burnin test?


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        We aren't aware of any issue. But device drivers have the ability to write to any area of memory. So a bug in the driver might be corrupting the disk I/O buffer or disk cache memory.
        Very hard to prove or fix however. You would need to get Intel involved.
        The last driver bug we reported to Intel took 6 months to get fixed.