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Data Verify Failure

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  • Data Verify Failure

    Hi, I got an error: " data verify failure". The error log shows: "Disk, File: G:\BurnInTest files\~bitttestG00032, Value Read: 0, Value Expected: 31, Offset in file 41123840, Ops: 9742057472". What can I know from the message? Can we locate what LBA the error happened ?

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    You can use the -K option from the command line,

    Keep disk test files. Specifies not to delete the disk drive test files when an error (e.g. Verification error) occurs. This is intended to assist investigating disk errors. It is recommended that this option is used in conjunction with the Auto Stop Tests on Error feature within Preferences. Once the test files have been investigated, they should be deleted manually.
    Then you can use some 3rd party tool, or OSF's raw disk viewer module to view the raw disk sectors and get the LBA.