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BurnInTest Pro v8.0 Beta Released

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  • BurnInTest Pro v8.0 Beta Released

    We are pleased to announce the release of a beta for BurnInTest Pro v8.0.

    This major new version of BurnInTest includes new tests, improvements to existing tests, updated system information, reporting options and other improvements.

    The beta builds can be downloaded here:
    <Links to beta build has been removed as the BIT V8 final release is now out>

    If you have any feedback, please let us know.

    A summary of the main changes to BurnInTest 8.0 are outlined below:


    New GPGPU test
    - The GPGPU test exercises and verifies the GPU's General Purpose computing operations (rather than 3D type operations). The GPGPU tests are a bit like the CPU tests, but the tests are run on the GPU. The GPGPU test runs on all detected GPUs (to a maximum of 8 GPUs).

    New Webcam test
    - Added a new integrated Webcam test to BurnInTest Pro.

    New battery test
    - Added an integrated Battery test to BurnInTest Pro. This test checks the battery levels in absolute or percentage terms.

    New Microphone test
    - Added an integrated Microphone test to BurnInTest Pro.

    Improved the CPU test
    - Added a new CPU test for AES.

    Improved the Memory test
    - BurnInTest can now monitor and report low level hardware errors, like corrected ECC errors, CPU and PCI-E errors, based on the Microsoft Windows Hardware Error Architecture (WHEA).

    Improved the Disk test
    - Optimized tests to reduce the time to test a disk and increase load.
    - Added a user defined test pattern.
    - Added a Physical disk read test, that tests that all sectors on the physical disk can be read. This can be useful for a number of reasons including testing that a disk is the size that it reports it is (we have seen disks and UFDs that have this issue).

    Improved the Standard Network test
    - Increased the number of Network ports that can be tested from 12 to 20.

    Improved the Bluetooth test
    - Bluetooth updated to work with more recent devices.

    Improved the Advanced Network test
    - Added an automatic detection and testing of Network Adapters option in the Advanced Network test. This allows easier testing across systems with different network card configurations.
    - Optimized the Advanced network test to provide a greater load with lower CPU utilization (i.e. test higher network loads).
    - Better support for systems with VMWare or VirtualBox installed (Network port detection).

    Improved the Sound loopback test
    - The Sound loopback test has been changed from mono to stereo.
    - Very short tests are now possible (e.g. to verify correct cabling) down to about 4 seconds.
    - Sound preferences now displays the waveform capable input and output devices on the system.

    Improved the 3D test
    - Higher load through higher resolution textures and objects now supported
    - Improved the test for Intel integrated graphics cards.

    Improved the USB test
    - The USB 3.0 Loopback test has been changed to use a larger burst length to increase the USB system loading.

    Improved the Video Playback test
    - Additional error information now reported for the Video Playback test.

    - Separate Operating System descriptions for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.
    - Updated CPU system information for newer CPUs.
    - Updated CPU features: AVX, AVX2, XOP, FMA3, FMA4
    - Non-turbo CPU speeds now reported for Ivy Bridge (and later) Xeons.
    - Minor CPU temperature reporting changes.
    - System information added for newer AMD GPUs.
    - Added disk volume GUID information
    - System information memory SPD improvements:
    - BurnInTest now reports memory modules greater than 32GB.
    - Increased the number of reported memory modules from 16 to 32.
    - Improved memory device information (support for DDR3 SPD revision 1.2 and 1.3).
    - Broader range of hardware supported.
    - Added reporting on Battery information to BurnInTest Pro (without the need of BatteryMon).

    - The test configuration details can now be saved to a text report (File->Save Test Configuration Text As...) or to an Activity level 1 trace log file. This can help record the test configuration of a test run or be used to check the test configuration.

    - A statistics report has been added to log test monitoring data in a CSV (Comma Separated Variable) format for post test analysis. Currently this includes data logging for temperature, fans* and voltage*. *3rd party HMonitor or SpeedFan software is required to monitor fans and voltage.

    - Added fields to the Customer Test Certificate: System model, Motherboard manufacturer and Motherboard serial number.

    - Pre-tests may now be run directly or scripted to run without a main body of tests. For example, a webcam pre-test and touchscreen plugin pre-test may be run with no other tests.

    - On double clicking a result on the Results window, if there is no error then the test description in help is displayed instead of the error descriptions.

    - Background watermark on System Information page, so that at a glance it is obvious whether BurnInTest V7.x or V8.x is running.

    - Tested and documented network PXE booting a Windows image with BurnInTest

    [UPDATE]: The final release of BurnInTest V8 is now available.
    Final list of changes


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    We have released a new public Beta of BurnInTest Pro v8.0.

    This includes improvements and bug fixes to the previous beta release.

    If you have any feedback, please let us know.

    Release 8.0 build 0000 Beta 18
    WIN32 release 2 June 2014
    WIN64 release 2 June 2014
    - Output an information message to the statistics temperature log if temperature monitoring is off.
    - An error is now raised for the GPGPU test when no GPUs are detected, e.g when running on a Virtual Machine.
    - If AMD CPU temperatures are unable to be retrieved, BurnInTest no longer reports these temperatures as 0.
    - An explicit error is now displayed if the GPGPU test is run on a DirectX 10 graphics card.
    - Corrected the new default disk block size to 4096KB in Disk Preferences.
    - The GPU "Microsoft Basic Render Driver" adapter in Windows 8 and later has been removed from the list of test GPUs for the GPGPU test.
    - It is now possible to skip the collection of specific system information on start-up, including CPU turbo mode, SMBIOS and SPD data. This is an extension to the existing "-W" command line parameter.
    - Preferences->Network now warns that at least 1 destination address must be specified.
    - Added temperature monitoring of Intel Atom NXXXX CPUs (e.g. N2800).
    - The Online CPU lookup (from the System Information tab) now works with a broader range of CPU's.
    - The Webcam and Microphone tests are now not checked for operation count increases during the main tests as these are pre-tests.
    - Corrected a possible crash bug on stopping the Microphone test during playback.
    - Corrected a bug where the Microphone test test window did not close when
    stopping all tests.
    - Re-arranged the Microphone test window. Improved the instructions. Set the tab order and the default button to "OK". Correction to Microphone progress on completion (left at 100%). Disabled the Microphone Record and Play buttons during playback.
    - Corrected a memory leak in the Microphone test.
    - Corrected the number of GPGPU operations reported.
    - Minor change to the detection of GPU descriptions.
    - Corrected a crash bug on exit.
    - Corrected the Battery test window icon.
    - Temperature reporting and graphing now supported down to -50C (previously above 0C) where supported by the temperature source.
    - Warning message now displayed when trying to specify a battery threshold percentage value out of range.
    - Changed the logging of battery values to occur when activity level 1 logging is specified.
    - Corrected the Battery percentage threshold mechanism.
    - Improved the GPGPU test error message if the system does not support the test.
    - If BurnInTest failed to collect Memory SPD information from some systems, it was possible that BurnInTest would try forever. This would not allow the user to enter preferences. This has been corrected.
    - GPGPU test memory leak corrected
    - The battery test may be run as a pre-test (default) or a main test, or both. If neither are specified, but the Battery test has been selected to run, then the battery test configuration will be changed to select the battery test as a pre-test.
    - If a webcam is disabled (e.g. driver fails) during a test, then BurnInTest could crash. This has been corrected.
    - When an error ratio is specified with the standard network test, the number of packets required before the ratio is considered to be meaningful has been increased.
    - Improvements to help.
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      I have a question, what did you do to improved the 3D test for Intel integrated graphics cards?


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        Originally posted by wumster View Post
        I have a question, what did you do to improved the 3D test for Intel integrated graphics cards?
        On some Intel integrated graphics cards, e.g. HD Graphics 3000, there was banding on the water texture with a Windows size >= 800 x 600 in some setups. The updated test doesn't have this banding.


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          Is there any support for these with the GPGPU tests?

          We currently have a config that uses the K20. Nvidia diagnostics are almost useless...
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            We haven't actually tested with the K20 cards, but the GPU tests in BurnInTest V8 should work with any card that supports DirectX 10.

            If you have any problems with it, please let me know.