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Sound loopback test with 6+ USB 3.0 loopbacks

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  • Sound loopback test with 6+ USB 3.0 loopbacks

    Using BIT9.1 1005 on Windows 10 1809

    I'm currently having an issue where the sound loop back test where right channel stops working whenever I have more than 5x USB 3.0 Loopbacks running at the same time.

    It seems like it will fail the first run, then run fine after the first cycle when all the other test have started.

    Has anyone had an issue with this or can help?
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    Might be a load / timing issue. Maybe your USB host controller driver is blocking during USB re-enumeration of the USB devices.
    Can you try with zero USB plugs & maybe 2 USB plugs to see if this changes the behaviour..