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Windows Drive Letter Limit/BITPRO Diags conflict

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  • Ian (PassMark)
    I would first update to (at least) the latest version of BurnInTest 7.x, links at the bottom of this page:

    (Version 8 would be better however).

    BurnInTest will allow the testing of disk volumes that are mounted with a drive letter A..Z.

    If the physical disks (disk number) are shown in Preferences->Disk, then you could test these as raw physical drives, using the drive number, these tests in V7.x are all data destructive tests.

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  • GreysonG
    started a topic Windows Drive Letter Limit/BITPRO Diags conflict

    Windows Drive Letter Limit/BITPRO Diags conflict


    I have 24 drives that are in a storage enclosure and I need to test the hard drives through both controllers. BITPRO sees this as a total of 48 drives, but I also have a C:/ and a couple network drives mounted. It seems that I run out of Drive Letters and can not get BITPRO to recognize NTFS mount points. (Empty directory mounting HDD to folder) currently all drives are in a "raw" format. I am performing a full read/write on these drives. I believe raiding these drives will cause a slow down in performance speed and I am trying to avoid that.

    BitPro Version: 7.0.1002.0.
    Operating System: Windows 7

    Any suggestions?