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Burn in Test 9.1 bitconfig verification

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  • Burn in Test 9.1 bitconfig verification

    Is there a way to verify the configuration file that was loaded? In the older version of Burn in test, you could see the filename of the loaded configuration file. But I haven't been able to see it in Burn in test 9.1.

    I'm trying to add this as a checked item when having technicians load up the software.

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    Currently no I don't believe there is (it may have gotten lost in some of the V9 user interface changes).

    We're about to put out a new release so we'll add in a way of seeing the currently loaded configuration file.


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      This has been added to the 9.2 release available now.


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        Is there also a way to load the program "Test Preference" Defaults?
        I'm trying to make a list of changes I have made, but I don't see a "restore defaults" for the Test Preferences section.

        I can only see Restore Defaults for Test Duty and Cycles.


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          There isn't a restore defaults for the entire config, you would need to delete the LastUsed.bitcfg file so it would recreated next time BurnInTest is launched.


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            I tested the new version of burn in test 9.2 and found the filename for the configuration file unreadable


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              Space to display the file name is a bit limited here, we can increase the field size a bit more and look at making it double the height, so a really long config name may wrap around to a second line. We'll trim the .bitcfg as well.
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