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Disk test issue - BurnInTest V9.2

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  • Disk test issue - BurnInTest V9.2


    After some power breakdown, one of my machines stop entering Windows 10, so I took the opportunity to do the maintenance, dust cleaning and run all hadware tests. With my usual disk test software, i find out that the disk is full of bad sectors. Because my company have bought the BurnInTest V9.2 i tested on my bad sectors disk, but the test has passed! What is wrong?
    Test configurations?
    I'm using BurnInTest by USB (WinPE) with default configurations, only configured the disk test at 100%, and for 60 min test duration.

    Help please,


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    By default BurnInTest only tests the free space on the disk. So if you have corrupt (but in use sectors) then they will not be noticed.

    You can get BurnInTest to test the whole physical drive (from the preferences window), but in the case the entire drive is wiped. But it should pickup all bad sectors.

    But there are two other possibilities.
    1) There is no hardware fault. So the disk corruption was just MFT / file level corruption. Overwriting the bad sector will "fix" the problem.
    2) Many hard drives will detect and remove bad sectors from service. You can see the bad sector count from SMART data in this case. This can also "fix" the problem, until even more sectors go bad.


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      Hello David,

      Thanks for the fast reply. I will backup everything of the disk, to eliminate the MFT / file level corruption possibility. After that what is the best preference i should choose test the whole physical drive (check photo)?