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Limit the power consumption of CPU test in BurnInTest

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  • Limit the power consumption of CPU test in BurnInTest

    Hi all,

    I have been testing an internally produced software with different PC parts and was wondering if there was a way in BurnInTest to limit the power consumption on the CPU, It is causing the CPU we are using to go into an over power state, this causes the clocks to drop which is not something we want to see as our software is a very consistent work load and maintains a stable clock rate. we are currently testing W-1290E.

    Are there any settings that could be changed in BurnInTest to have a more consistant work load on the CPU to not cause these power limits to be reached? any information would be very useful. I can provide some logs from HWInfo64 if required.


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    It is hitting power or thermal limits?
    Really neither should really happen if the power supply and heat sink are adequate.

    But you can adjust the duty cycle of the CPU test to reduce load. This adds an idle period into the test.

    Also in the Preferences window you can turn off all the SSE, FMA & AVX tests as these tend to use more electrical power than other CPU instructions (especially AVX). You will obviously loose test coverage, by not testing these functions of the CPU, but I guess it is trade off.

    Reducing the number of test threads would be another option to test at lower CPU load.


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      It is hitting power limit, I shall have a look at your other suggestions and see how it preforms.