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    I'm having the following issues with burnintest 4.1:

    When using this application as as a root user, the computer crashes. The screen will freeze and I'm not able to do anything anymore. I'm running Burnintest from a live ISO file, so no log data is being stored on the computer. I'm unable to get this working where it doesn't eventually crash the computer.

    If I don't use root user, almost everything works fine, except that I'm unable to check serial ports. Those require root access.

    The problem is, it's not the actual system that requires the root access, it's the application that says it needs it.

    Even using chmod 777 /dev/ttyS0 doesn't make it work and changing the owner from root to the local user doesn't work either. I'm in a loop here. It's the application that doesn't want to run it, but doing a local test works just fine with user rights.

    If I had the source code I could maybe modify it so it wouldn't verify root access, but I don't have the source code, only a binary file.

    This is highly annoying and prevents me from using it.

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    A number of the tests require more access than a general user is granted (memory, network, USB, serial, parallel), hence the requirement to run as root for those tests.

    >> I'm unable to get this working where it doesn't eventually crash the computer.

    How long is eventually?

    We've seen behaviour like this in the past with some live boots, possibly there is some resource that is exhausted after a time and the OS crashes. We use Porteus for our live boot USB and I believe it would do something similar if booted with the option to save changes while running (instead of starting "always fresh").