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Windows 11 22000.194 BSOD with V10 Disk test Drive

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  • Windows 11 22000.194 BSOD with V10 Disk test Drive

    I'm see issue BurnInTest when running the we started to see this with 9.2 and upgraded to V10 must still getting the BSOD on different system and drives when running the drive test with Win 1.
    If using Win 10 19042.908 no issue.
    This will happen on every run after a couple of minutes.
    Looks like its failing because of the leaf service is been blocked, not sure why?

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    I re-enable UAC that fixed the leaf driver blocking issue but still get a BSOD


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      I tried running BIT v10 disk test with the same build of Windows 11 on a vm and was unable to reproduce the BSOD after 15minutes. Though it still seems likely it is a bug with Win11.

      Searching the stop code gives us this:
      Maybe try running 'SFC /scannow' and check if there are any corrupt files.

      What sort of different systems and drives are you using? And they all would crash?


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        I moved drive to a different system and was not able to reproduce the BSOD so this seem to be hardware related insted.