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v10.1 (1000) Issues

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  • v10.1 (1000) Issues

    I am running into multiple problems using the new version of BIT and they may all be related.

    I am running nearly default selections other than enabling logging and temp monitoring. I am only selecting the CPU, RAM, and 2D Video tests (80%) for 720 minutes.

    I am getting a lot of messages in the Event Viewer when starting and stopping tests (see attached)

    Temp monitoring isn't enabled by default (I think it used to be). That's okay, but the default CPU temp threshold is "0", which of course causes problems.

    If I manually change the CPU threshold to 90, I have fewer problems, but when I start the test, I still get:

    "Failed to connect to Management Console [machine ID: INF121321AQ9p9j Session ID: N/A] "

    I get the following when I stop the test (presumably due to logging being selected):

    "BurnInTest Management Console - Could not send result message - not connected"
    "BurnInTest was unable to send a result message to the Management Console"

    It's also leaving logging temp files instead of log files.

    I didn't have any issues with the previous version of BIT. I even uninstalled the new version and reinstalled the previous version to be sure.

    Any suggestions?

    32GB RAM
    500GB 980 Pro SSD
    500GB 980 SSD
    750W PSU
    GTX 1650 GPU

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    Looks like there is a bug with this version of BurnInTest where the 'Manage BurnInTest with the Console Manager' is enabled by default - just uncheck this setting:
    That should stop the Failed to connect to Management Console errors


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      This should be fixed in the latest build (10.1.1001) however it won't be able to retroactively fix any config files that have been opened & saved in the previous build (any the were opened but not saved should now be converted correctly).