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  • burnintest failed

    Dear PassMark Team,

    We are having dell optiplex 3080 system we checked below

    1). we run burnintest v9.2 for 168 hours with 100 % load, application get crashed

    2).We updated pc drivers and run burnintest v9.2 with 50% load then we got error 3d graphics errors

    3).We updated new version of burnintest v10.1 Build 1002 with 30% load then application is crashed

    4).later we changed load to 10% and check the result is ram error.

    we have another system with same configuration it pass burnintest.

    why this pc get ram error ,3d graphics error and application crashing issues on different scenarios . how to resolve it?

    How many hours will support burnintest in this pc?

    in dell diagnostics all hardware is pass but in burnintest only we got failed 3d graphics ?
    we have burnintest licensed version on this mail( ,we are using same above

    please suggest solution for fix above issue .

    please suggest how much load will set (ram,cpu,hdd,sound,display,2d,3d) in burnintest?

    please find the error screenshot and eventviever

    Thanks & Regards
    Customer Support Engineer
    E & E Enterprises

    Mobile NO. 9676406480

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    we run burnintest v9.2 for 168 hours
    This is a very long test period.
    I think a lot of computers would fail after 7 days of max load. Especially computers like the 3080 that aren't using ECC RAM.

    We also don't support the old V9 release of BurnInTest.

    You send a large Windows event log via Email as well. In that event log I found 1293 instances of "APPCRASH" events. These included crashes of the following processes.
    AUDIODG.EXE (Windows audio)
    D3D12Test64.exe (this would explain the 3D errors)
    dwm.exe (Windows desktop manager)
    msedge.exe (Edge browser)
    Microsoft.Windows.ShellExperienceHost (Hang not a crash in this case)

    So the problem isn't just BurnInTest.

    later we changed load to 10% and check the result is ram error.
    Would have been good to see the exact text of the error.
    But this along with the other crashes point to a hardware failure. RAM would be the obvious thing to replace first.

    See this page for details about setting the load / duty cycle settings