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It's show "A driver cannot load on this device" when install BurnIn on SV2 OS.

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  • It's show "A driver cannot load on this device" when install BurnIn on SV2 OS.

    Unit show error message A driver cannot load on this device when install or run BurnIn on SV2 OS.
    Does passmark have any suggestion?

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    Presumably you're talking about the upcoming Windows 11 update 22H2?
    First check you are using the latest version of BurnInTest, if so they may have tweaked some of the driver protection settings.

    Once the update is released properly we'll check it out, in the meantime you can try turning off the memory integrity setting as this is the most likely cause.


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      We still can find the same symptom by using BurnIn v10.1.1004 on 22H2 RTM OS.
      Base on 22H2 requirement, the memory integrity need to keep enable, does PassMark have target date to fix this this symptom?


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        Does passmark have target date to update tool to avoid this symptom?


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          We've confirmed there is an issue with the Windows 11 update 22H2 causing the device driver not to load. Potentially it's due to the digital signature, despite being OK and valid Windows seems to be flagging it as unsigned.

          We're looking into getting the driver resigned despite there being no changes to it.


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            what's the progress about this issue
            The newest BIT(10.2 1001) still fail in 22H2 SV2
            Does Passmark have any solution to fix it?


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              The Windows 11 22H2 release has broken device driver signing in some way. We've had some correspondence with Microsoft where they have admitted it seems to be an issue in the 22H2 builds.
              We were able to get our driver working by having it re-signed by Microsoft but it will only work in 22621/22622.436 (the previous 22H2 revisions don't work).


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                Currently, even with the latest OS Win11 22H2 22621.1702, this message " A driver cannot load on this device" may still appear.
                Does passmark have any suggestion?

                BurnIn Test: v10.2.1007


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                  Can we get a screenshot of the error message?

                  Could also try disabling 'Core Isolation > Memory Integrity' if that is enabled.


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                    Hi Simon (PassMark)

                    Thanks for your prompt reply.
                    Here provide the screenshot for you to refer.
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot 2023-07-05 005230.jpg
Views:	349
Size:	177.8 KB
ID:	55431 After disabling 'Core Isolation > Memory Integrity', this windows " A driver cannot load on this device" no longer appears. F/R: 0/20.


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                      Looks like its trying to load the older driver for some reason.
                      Can you run BurnInTest in debug mode (with Memory Integrity back on):
                      Reproduce the error and send us the generated logs.


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                        Simon (PassMark)
                        We have tested in debug mode again and provided the dump file to
                        We would like you kindly help analyze the dump and give some advise, thanks.