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  • Command line to run a Script

    I am trying to automate our burn in process. I like the fact that you can script with BIT Pro v3.1, however, is there a way to start the program in a script from a command line? We only want to test the USB for 5 miniutes vs 12 hours with all the rest of the tests. Therefore, there is no need for a large quantity of USB loopback adapters.

    I have a script...just no way to start it from the command line.



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    Scripting is a fairly new feature. At the moment there is no way to start a script from the command line. You must use the "Execute Script" menu item.

    I have added this request to our "to do" list for the next version of the software. It should be an easy change to the software.

    There is another solution but it might not be exactly what you want. Create two configuration files. One for USB testing and one for everything else. Then run BurnInTest twice from a DOS batch file. For example

    bit.exe /r usbtest.cfg
    bit.exe /r systemtest.cfg

    For the usbtest.cfg file you would set the test timer to 5min. For the systemtest.cfg file you would have the longer duration.

    Hope this helps



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      Thank you!

      Absolutely! Thank you for the help. I knew there was a simple shortcut, but it wasn't coming to mind. I will do the batch file solution as I wait for the next Rev of BIT.

      Thanks again,