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BurnIn test 9.1 pro(1008) 2D 3D Error

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  • BurnIn test 9.1 pro(1008) 2D 3D Error

    I got 2D 3D graphics Error on my intel TigerLake platform project.

    SERIOUS: 2022-12-29 18:55:16, 2D Graphics, Video memory corruption
    LOG NOTE: 2022-12-29 18:55:16, 2D Graphics, 32 Bit ==> 65536 errors during verify ==> First Error Address 0x0000000013730000: Expected 0x55555555: Read 0x555555
    SERIOUS: 2022-12-29 18:55:16, 3D Graphics, An error occured during the DX12 3D test
    LOG NOTE: 2022-12-29 18:55:16, 3D Graphics, Unexpected error running DirectX 12 Test. Error Number -2005270523​

    Is Buring V9.1 Fully Support Intel 11th TigerLake platform?

    Click image for larger version

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    We do not support older versions of BurnInTest anymore, upgrade to V10 for further support.

    Maybe device under too much load?
    Maybe try updating GPU drivers.

    Without knowing exactly about the system specs or test selection/duty cycle. However, if the system being tested is low spec (e.g. integrated graphics, low RAM) this most likely isn't an issue with the hardware but there isn't enough system RAM to run all the tests, particularly as you are using an integrated video card which will be using system RAM for the 2D/3D test. The low memory situation is probably triggering the 2D graphics error (or another resource conflict since you are running the 3D and GPGPU test as well).

    You can try version 10 to see if it balances the RAM use better, the 2D video memory test is different to V9 and it should only allocate 512MB of RAM when it detects there is an integrated video card, but there is such a low amount or RAM available when the tests start (only 255 MB when the RAM test started) that I doubt it will make much difference.​​


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      Hi Richard.

      Maybe device under too much load?--> I don't add other device,only CPU,RAM,SSD, should be not too much load.
      Maybe try updating GPU drivers.---> I already updated all drivers​ with windows updated.

      I attached burnIn test log and picture , you can see system specs or test selection/duty cycle.maybe can help check.thanks.

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        Windows update doesn't always find the newest driver, it looks like there are newer drivers available for your integrated card from December.

        As the errors start to happen after 24 hours it is most likely a graphics card driver bug, a small resource leak causing a exhaustion of resources which then causes a cascade of 2D and 3D errors.


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          Hi Passmark Team,

          I already upgrade burnIntest V10 to run test, but appear 3D Graphics error too.
          Graphics driver upgrade the newest driver from Intel provide.
          Please help me check again and see attached file, thank you.

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            There are much newer drivers available for the video card, please try updating to the latest version.

            The error is reported as DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED / DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_RESET, normally this would indicate a device driver crash or issue resulting in the device driver restarting. If you're still getting this after the driver update try removing some of the GPU specific tests (such as Video and 2D) to see if it's the combination of tests that is triggering the issue.