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2D 3D errors in BIT10.2, but not in 6.0

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  • 2D 3D errors in BIT10.2, but not in 6.0

    Hi everyone.

    Im currently doing a BIT on a supermicro server, and with version 10.2 we instantly get 2 errors when starting the test:
    2D: OpenCL.dll not found
    3D: An error occured during the dx12 3d test
    Windows error reporting calls the latter an appcrash, with fault module name stackhash_df17

    I have already attempted a clean install of the graphic driver.

    This is a supermicro CSE-733 with the following specifications:
    MB X11SCL-F
    Intel Xeon E-2176G
    32GB ram @ 2666, samsung
    ASPEED graphics (i havent double checked this yet but i assume its integrated in the CPU/MB)

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    I can't find much information about the motherboard/integrated graphics but it sounds like it doesn't support OpenCL or DirectX12 (assuming you were using the latest driver), which wouldn't be surprising given that they are aimed at providing the bare minimum of graphical support for integrated/server boards.

    You can try changing the DirectX Version on the 3D graphics tab of the test preferences to use "9" instead of "Auto", this will launch the old style DX9 test.

    You will also need to change the 2D Graphics test options to the monitor test and select one of the other patterns (eg Lines and bitmaps), the local video memory tests uses OpenCL to directly access the video memory so it requires OpenCL support on the video card.