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2D/3D Graphics/Memory ERROR

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  • 2D/3D Graphics/Memory ERROR

    Hi Passmark Team

    We use BurnInTest 10.2(1004) to test under the following setting conditions, and found that most of the machines will have 2D/3D Graphics/Memory errors and DETAILED EVENT LOG will be recorded in the following instructions when the burn-in time is more than 60 hours. Give some directions and suggestions for solutions, thank you!

    BurnIntest LOG and machine specifications are detailed in the attachment

    When errors are found during testing, 2D/3D ERROR will appear first

    After continuing to run for a while, Memory Error will start to appear

    Attached Files

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    My guess would be that it is a device driver bug for the Arc A770M video card.
    Likely there is a small resource leak causing a exhaustion of resources after 70 hours of load. Which then causes a cascade of 2D and 3D errors.

    These cards are new from Intel, and it has been widely documented that they had driver issues. If you report it to Intel they might be able to get it fixed.


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      OK! Thank you David for helping us analyze the problem quickly, we will contact Intel again and report these problems

      Thanks again to the Passmark team