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Audio problems Windows 10

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  • Audio problems Windows 10

    I recently upgraded my gaming pc to windows 10.
    Unfortunatly it has now become impossible to play games on my pc. the game freezes the audio starts looping/stuttering and i have to restart the pc because the screen gets all kinds of codes and bits of the home screen mixes with some parts of the screen still being in the game
    I used the BurnInTest software and the problem seems to be:

    Failed to play back MIDI via sequencer error. i hope that there are members here that can help me out it is getting pretty frustrating. sorry for my bad english My pc specs: cpu i5 3570k mobo: msi gd-65 z77 gpu: gtx 670 ram: 2x4gb ddr3 psu: corsair ax760

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    A problem playing back MIDI files is extremely unlikely to cause screen corruption.

    So I think your real problem is elsewhere. e.g. drivers that aren't really compatible with Win10, or maybe the game itself has a problem with Win10.

    I assume the machine was stable on the previous version of Windows that you were using.