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ThinClient PXE boot with dual monitor support

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  • ThinClient PXE boot with dual monitor support

    I am trying to find out how to get dual monitors working while PXE booting HP TCs to BIT via Tiny PXE Server. The primary monitor is seen and can we can test video, however, the secondary monitor isn't seen. Also, need to be able to test at 1920x1080 and report that but I'm not sure how that is accomplished either.

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    Maybe the optimal video card driver isn't being loaded as part of the PXE boot image?


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      The video card driver isn't being loaded and could help us with the resolution issue if we did so, I'm very new to this setup and learning as I go, so thanks for that. What about the dual monitor part of it. The second monitor isn't being seen at all, these are onboard video adapters and I would've thought that the generic PNP driver would suffice to at least display an image. Any thoughts on getting the dual monitors working?


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        I don't think default basic driver supports dual monitors. I say this because when doing a clean Windows install, only one display is active until Windows gets fully installed with the full drivers.