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CPU Temperature not visible

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  • CPU Temperature not visible

    we use Burn In Test Pro to test our hardware but on a new mainboard I do not get any temperature values. It is the following board 109937740140&id=0D270425292726476606#.ViS7VmuJHQk
    On the board is a 4th Generation Mobile Core™ i7/i5/i3 CPU how can I get temperature values from this CPU?
    Thanks for your help

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    I assume you are using the latest release of BurnInTest?

    Could you please launch BurnInTest in debug mode, open the test preferences and go to the temperature tab so BurnInTest scans for available temperature sources and then send us a copy of the log files that are created after startup.


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      I have this same issue where all 3 temp values are shown as N/A. In my case I am using BIT PRO 6 because that is what our site license is for. I had no problem when it was running on Server 2003, however now that our customers are using Widows 7 I had to change to that OS and this issue arose. Do we need to go to a newer version of BIT?


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        Do we need to go to a newer version of BIT?
        Yes, the way to collect temperatures isn't standardized. So each new family of CPUs needs new code written. Same deal for the collection of RAM data and video cards.

        V6 is about 5 years old now, so there will be a lot of newer systems for which BurnInTest V6 doesn't report the correct system information. So consider upgrading.