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How to know which mode is run in parallel port?

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  • How to know which mode is run in parallel port?

    Dear all,

    I have set SPP,EPP or ECP in BIOS, then run burnintest to test if it's correct.

    I find that which mode I set in BIOS will be processed and pass, but I can't know if it is real to run the mode which I set.

    How to know which mode is the burnintest runing?


    P.S. When I set SPP, the test result is also pass.

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    The parallel port on IBM compatible PC's have always used a DB-25 connector. However, over time several changes have taken place to the electrical interface with the introduction of enhanced and bi-directional parallel ports. We believe that our loop back plug will work with all styles of parallel ports. But the parallel port should be set to a bi-directional mode in BIOS. Do not use SPP or PS/2 mode. But rather use EPP or ECP mode in BIOS. SPP mode was introduced with the very old 286 and 386 CPUs. It refers to bidirectional control lines and unidirectional data lines. However there are several subvarieties of SPP, so you can't always trust the BIOS.