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Network test for Intel LAN

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  • Network test for Intel LAN

    How to do a correct setting to have nice test result of INTEL LAN (i218LM & i210AT) ?
    Cause it is very easy to have issue about "timeout waiting for packet" ..
    below is my platform data
    1. platform : Broadwell U (i7-5650U & i3-5010U)
    2. O/S : Win7
    3. LAN : on-boad Intel LAN i218LM(pHY LAN) ,Intel LAN i210AT
    4. test item : BunrIn Test7.0 ,Standard Network test ,Bad packet generates error (timeout=4000mS)
    thank you

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    You might want to upgrade to BurnInTest V8.1.
    There have been a lot of changes.

    If you are getting time outs then it might be an issue that the remote machine (I assume you are using a remote IP address) is dropping packets. Or it might be a networking issue with your switch / router. I assume you aren't running the test across the Internet?


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      Hello ,David
      For BurnInTest ,I use the CAT-5 LAN cable which has 100M length ,and it is crossed .
      One side is connect to Broadwell platform and one side is connect to Haswell platform .
      There is no switch/router between these two machine .
      I have these two machines ping IP each other first to confirm the cable connecting is no problem then do Standard Network test .

      For Internet ,I've try to test the speed on ,then the result of
      download/upload are around 89.32Mbps/90.91Mbps .

      thank you ..


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        updated ...
        The Advanced Network test is passed (no errors within 24hrs) ,but Standard network test has over 10 errors within 24hrs ..