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[BIT 8.1] 2D Test is outbraking CPU/RAM test

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  • [BIT 8.1] 2D Test is outbraking CPU/RAM test

    When we are running 2D, 3D, RAM and CPU test (and some others) at 100% on our customer's notebooks and desktop pc's, on some devices there are very few or no operations for CPU and RAM test which can end in a "no operations during test period" error at the end of the test run.

    I have found out, that when turning off 2D test or change it's settings from "test local video memory" to "lines and bitmaps", the CPU and RAM test are working normally again.

    We have not had this issue with BIT 7.1. Has the load increased for the 2D test in BIT 8.1?

    Also, when running video playback test with the other tests, it could happen that BIT would become unresponsible and not stop at the set time but an half or full hour later. This issue also happened on BIT 7.1 as well.

    Are these BIT related issues or should we just review our test settings?

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    They aren't known problems.

    How long do these problems take to occur? If they always occur after the same amount of time (e.g. 4 hours into the test) then there might be a resource leak.

    For example there might be a memory allocation leak in a device driver, so that over time there is less RAM available and the machine starts doing heavy swapping to disk. Eventually you reach a situation of disk thrashing and no other work can get done on the machine.


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      These problems occur right after starting the test. When the test Ends after, say 30 or 45 minutes, no operations have been executed.

      If I just remove 2D test from the test list, there are no problems.

      I'll check and experiment a bit with the disk test too, maybe we have settings that are too high.