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When will BurnInTest Fully Support Vista?

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  • When will BurnInTest Fully Support Vista?

    In our LAB we have used BurninTest Version 5.1 (Build: 1012) to test our PC under Vista build 5600, 5728 & the latest 5744, but all failed. However, under XP the test result is PASS, so our HW is no problem. Does PASSMARK has a clear plan now when you will release a Vista compatibile version? Thank you very much.

    Following are our test failures. We also would like to know if you also have met the similar failures under Vista

    (1) While running Burn in test, the program was interrupted. An error message popup:

    Error:Access Violation at 0x00000000(tried to read from 0x00000000), program terminated.

    (2) There are two kinds of Network Errors while running Burn in test:
    Bad packet.Checksum incorrect
    Timeout waiting for packet

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    We are testing with Vista at the moment. I don't think we have seen this crash however. Microsoft have only had a stable-ish version of Vista Beta out for a few weeks. It was pointless testing before now as there was too much changing in the O/S and the hardware drivers were not available.

    We are aware of some Vista problems however. And there will be a new release of BurnInTest to fix up some Vista issues. This will occur before the Vista public release.

    Also, I think some of the Vista device drivers are not yet as stable as the XP drivers.


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      We have made the most essential changes for Windows Vista in the latest release of BurnInTest v5.1 1014 (released today - 6 November 2006). That is, if you run BurnInTest with elevated administrator privileges (select bit.exe, right click and select "run as administrator") then you can use BurnInTest with Vista. The main known issues are:
      - The installer displays a message "This program might not have installed correctly" on x64 Vista - this can be ignored;
      - Scripting BurnInTest tests across reboots won't work (as elevated administration privileges are required).

      Note: The changes made to BurnInTest for Vista so far (included in V5.1 1014) are:
      - Standard Network test bug under Vista corrected;
      - Parallel port device driver now signed and can be loaded on x64 Vista;
      - USB 2.0 Loopback plug device drivers now signed and can be loaded on 64 Vista (V6.1.1);
      - Help file converted to HTML and hence help now available.

      We plan another release of BurnInTest that will officially support Vista due for release mid to late December. In this version we will make the changes to allow BurnInTest to run with the Vista UAC changes, ie. when not run with elevated administration privileges. These changes include:
      - Correct the installer message "This program might not have installed correctly" on x64 Vista;
      - Move default directory locations from "Program Files" to the User account directory: Configuration file, saved reports, saved images, report information (machine type etc), log files.
      - Disk test: provide an additional option for testing the disk under a User account directory;
      - Parallel port changes (will still need administrator privileges);
      - Help file improvements.

      If you find any problems when running BurnInTest with elevated administrator privileges, please let us know.

      Ian (Passmark)