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Sound test fail issue and please suggest

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  • Sound test fail issue and please suggest


    Recently our test team has changes therules from adjusting load from default 50% to 100%, and I have a lot ofproblems at sound test.

    OS: win 7/8
    CPU: Intel Celeron 3765U/N2930 Atom E3825/D2550
    Lan chip: Intel I210
    Audio chip: ALC 892/ALC 888s
    Test software: Passamrk 7 or 8 only and noother test programs
    Test items: CPU, RAM, Video, 2D, 3D, Disk, Sound,Network, Com Port
    (all items with 100% load)
    Fail item: sound (failed to play back MIDIvia sequencer) cycle 310 Errors 9
    Sound (No operations reported in timeout period) cycle 91 Errors 1
    The error description is all different nomatter what kind of OS/CPU/lan chip/audio chip.

    If I try to close all items but leave soundtest 100% load only.
    There is no error occurred for 7 days ormore in sound test only in burnin test.

    It doesn’t look like device driver problemand it looks like an internal potential issue in passmark itself. The customerasked us to explain. Please help and what kind of setup can I do to preventthis problem from being happened.



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    There was a possible bug we were investigating last week.

    We noticed a sound test error exactly at the time the tests were stopping. So the error would occur at exactly the 8 hour mark for an 8 hour test. The process of stopping the sound playing triggered an error.

    Is this what you are seeing? Or are they errors during the tests?

    There was also another bug fix in release Version 8.1 build 1010, 28/September/2015. See,

    So are you using V8.1?


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      I am using V8.0.
      But that's not what I saw, the errors are occurred during the tests.

      The customers are pursuing the reasons.
      Please suggest.



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        I am using V8.0.
        In that case can you try V8.1


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          Problem still existed with V8.1 (1012 pro).
          Sound (No operations reported in timeout period) cycle 49 Errors 1.
          Please advise.


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            Very likely it is a device driver bug then.

            We also don't suggest running all tests at 100% load. A better process is to set the disk test to 100% (as the disk is the slow part of any computer) and then set the other tests as high as possible without totally maxing out the CPU.

            You should be aiming for an average CPU load of 95% to 99%. Running the CPU, RAM, 2D and other tests all at 100% means the CPU load should be 500%, which of course isn't possible, so what you end up with is 100% CPU load but with huge latencies. So the CPU might be taking seconds to service requests that would normally take milliseconds. Which in turn might provoke normally unseen bugs and timeouts in drivers.


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              I use v8.1 build 1022 and adjust load from default 50% to 100% for CPU/RAM/Video/2D Graphics/3D Graphics/Disk/Sound/Network items.
              During testing, I found there's no sound output while testing "sound" items (play wav/midi/mp3 files)
              And test report show >> "Sound: No operations reported in timeout period" error after testing finish.

              This happened on Win10 RS2 OS and happen with i5/i7 CPU config.