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  • Thin Client Burn-in Test

    We currently have some Thin Client have reliability issue. we'd like to run burn-in test on those thin client. problem is, we have up to 20 thin clients connect to a single Host, if we run burn-in test on those thin client, the host will crash. any idea for burn-in Thin client?

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    I don't know if your thin clients are real PC's or just screens and keyboards. Can your clients run Windows by themselves?

    If your hosting is crashing then it sounds like you have a problem with the host.


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      That thin client is real computer which come with CF card slot, we usually plug-in CF card with Windows 2K/XPE for burn-in and testing. When it use as Thin Client, it doesn't has any media (such as HDD or CF card). actully it use 30k free space from BIOS chip for holding boot info, it's called ACP-enable. recently some reliability issue comes out with those ACP Thin client. we'd like to run burn-in test under ACP. but when we run burn-in test on those thin client, it's actully burn-in the Host server. i think the cause of host server crashing is system over load, it just like let 5-10 burn-in test program run on one single server at the same time.

      I'm wondering, which component during testing is runing on thin client side, and which component is runing on the server side?
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        I assume that you are installing BurnInTest on the Compact Flash card, rather than running it from a network drive on your host. The BurnInTest tests will run on the system that you run BurnInTest on. It will not run tests on a remote system, however some tests could possibly be set up to impact a remote system.

        - If you run BurnInTest from a mapped network drive, you may have problems, especially if you try and run more than one instance of BurnInTest at the some time from different clients. I would suggest installing BurnInTest locally on the thin client, such as on you compact flash card, or a USD drive or removable media.
        - A large number of Network tests to the hosts IP address could impact the host.
        - Specifying Plugin test files, video playback files, post test, pre-test, sound or logging file from the host could impact the host.

        Best regards,
        Ian (PassMark)


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          I guess we miss understanding here, we used to use CF card with win xp embedded and run burn-in test on those thin client system, just like what you suggest. but those unit are designed as thin client which is used to be as remote controller, such as ctrix ICA metaframe or Windows 2003 RDP. so when you run burn-in test on thin client side, it's actully burn-in the server.