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Debugger detected – Please close down and restart

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  • Debugger detected – Please close down and restart

    When running the video test I get this message and the “BurnInTest” program crashes

    Debugger detected – Please close down and restart

    Windows NT users: Please note that having the WinIce/SoftIce service installed means that you are running a debugger.

    I am using Windows XP with the latest fixes and upgrades

    Can anyone assist please

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    From the BurnInTest FAQ page.

    There are several causes for this error, but the most common is that there is an known incompatibility with the Nero 6 software package and BurnIntest.

    The Nero 6 software contains the DivX media codec which uses some poorly thought out copy protection mechanisms. And the 'debugger detected' message actually comes from Divx and not BurnInTest. BurnInTest contains a video playback test and thus makes use of various video codecs, triggering the problem in Divx
    The problem can be resolved by uninstalling Nero (or just the DivX codec) or upgrading or downgrading the Divx software or not using the video test in BurnInTest. BurnInTest is only one of many packages that have this problem with this version of Divx included with Nero.
    This problem has also be recently confirmed in Nero 7 as well.


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      Thanks I will try this