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burnin problems used on 600+ machines a month

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  • burnin problems used on 600+ machines a month

    I bought the prof edition of burn in last month and have been using it a lot, we build/test just over 600 pcs a month. Originally I used micro2000 but due to problems with it picking up faults I thought i'd get passmark to do a heavy burnin which I tought was needed after testing from micro2000 program.

    I use passmark burn in on 10 to 20 different spec machines every day.
    problem I'm having..

    I run a 6 cycle or 12 hour burn in depending on spec/hdd size.


    100% setting

    Most of the time the systems pass without a problem but i've already ran a full set of memory, hdd, optical drive, video, mainboard controller tests, and I mean full tests, read/writer/controller/random seek etc the lot!

    System ships out to customer, within a week I would say one in every 20 machines fails and ends up coming back to us. The fault is different every time and no one major thing.

    Problem is what more can I do to cut back on these returns within the first week of people owning the unit?

    Machine comes back, I run thru test again and it fails.

    Hardware I use is all branded components, asus boards, adata ram, maxtor hdds etc

    All systems are built/tested & packed in anti static work rooms with anti static mats, staff have anti static straps on, we work on static mats, have straps on shoes, everything earthed correctly etc.

    We have climate controlled rooms to keep the correct temp & humidty for the components to be stored/kept in and reduce the static charge that can be created.

    Can anyone help?


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    Andy, from what I can see you only purchased 1 upgrade license for $24 on the 8/Oct. Which puts you in breach of our license conditions.

    We would encourage you to recify the situation. i.e. purchase the correct number of licenses. After which we would be happy to provide whatever support we can.


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      the software is installed on machines to test and then uninstalled/removed when the hard drive is formatted.

      Are you saying I am not allowed to do this?

      If thats the case you need to tell a lot of other system builders who are doing the same thing to stop and if that is the case I will stop using the program and request a refund.



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        If as you claim you are testing 600+ machines a month, that is 20 per day, for a 12 hour period each.

        You need 1 license per machine on which you are running the software on at the same time. (i.e. about 20 licenses, which you can move between your 600 / month machines).

        We are not expecting you to purchase a license per machine (600 / Month). As much as we would like the income, this would be rather outrageous.

        I think we price the software fairly. Even 20 licenses is cheaper than a single decent video card.

        We gain nothing from people abusing the license conditions (only more support questions). We are not a large faceless corporation. I am the original author of the software and the owner of the company and do a lot of the customer support. So yes, please stop using the software if you can't agree to the license terms.


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          10 copies purchased today.

          I require some custom work which I can pay for.

          Once settled and running ok with the custom work will purchase another 10 then upto 40 to slowly move over from our current burnin program to yours.