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  • Burn-In Test Installation

    hello passmark team,

    to set up your burn-in test application in our system tests we try to automate to run tests "unatended". as you describe in a prevous post I can call "bit.exe" with a "cfg-file" from cmd-line. this works very fine, but we already have the problem that each system has to be registered once with username and password.
    Is there a way to avoid this e.g. import the registry key's only?

    an additional question:

    in order to perform an external start (passmark is not installed at the system disc) from fdd/cd-rom may I transfer the passamrk-directory to system only?

    many thx
    and best regards

    Tobias Feix, PLG AG (Germany)
    Tobias Feix | QualitätsManagement

    PLG Elektronik-, Ingenieur- und Dienstleistungs AG
    Lise-Meitner-Straße 3-5
    D-86156 Augsburg

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    We have a version of the software that doesn't have the installer and can be run directly from a CD / Floppy / USB drive / Hard disk. Here is the link for the current release of BurnInTest professional, without an installer.

    This version also allows the user name and license key to be read from a file (key.dat). This avoids the need to enter it each time.

    Making a key.dat file

    Create an ASCII text file.
    - The first line in the file must contain the username.
    - The second line must contain the licence key

    Save the file in the same directory as bit.exe with a file name of key.dat. Here is an example key.dat

    Joe Somebody

    (Of course, this example is not a valid key and you need to use your own)

    Also, when running BurnInTest this way, there will be no files left on the PC after BurnInTest has finished