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Burnin Test autostart rebooter

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  • Burnin Test autostart rebooter

    I am the new guy on the block, I am having a time here, rebooter starts from within Burnin test perfectly fine, but how do I get it to auto start the cycles without having to click the cycle button?

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    You can use the command line parameters:

    There are two command line options. If no command line option is specified, Rebooter runs in interactive mode.
    Perform a reboot according to the parameters in the saved configuration file. The count down to a reboot will start immediately after the program has started. All buttons are disabled (as if the user had hit the Start Cycle button). The type of reboot / restart performed will be whatever was lasted saved in the configuration file.
    Allows the user to change and save the settings but not do a reboot. This is useful when Rebooter is integrated into another external application. The external application can call Rebooter with this option to allow the user to configure various parameters then call Rebooter once again with the –Reboot argument to effect the Reboot.
    Example – Execute a reboot from the command line
    rebooter -reboot

    Ian (PassMark)


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      what is the correct procedure if i just need to run the rebooter standalone.
      check the auto login box?


      create a shortcut then put at windows startup?


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        Either should work


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          Do happen to have a sample command line, for kicking off rebooter? I'd like to add it an automated test, and this thread is what came up when googling for it.
          Originally posted by Ian (PassMark) View Post
          You can use the command line parameters: ... Regards, Ian (PassMark)


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            There was already an example in the above post.

            rebooter -reboot