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Burn In Pro 5.2 - Reboot problems

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  • Burn In Pro 5.2 - Reboot problems

    Is there a bug in this version or am I missing something.
    Ever since I downloaded and started using Version 5.2 I do not appear to be able to get Windows XP Pro to automatically reboot at the end of a test period.
    I am doing everything as I have always have, setting Autologin, putting a shortcut to burninpro with the /r parameter..
    The auto login works and the /r parameter starts Burnin Pro when I boot up, but no matter what I set in the Post Test it just doesnt shut down.
    In fact its worse that that as far as I am concerned.
    When Burn In Pro completes a test it just finishes. I preferred it when it finished and displayed the test results.
    Now - nothing, have to start Burn In Pro to see the results.


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    This post has been answered via email.

    V5.2 does have a bug where-by if accumulated logging is selected then Rebooter may not launch. This will be corrected in V5.3 due witin the next week.

    If you need a correction now, please email us at, help [at] passmark [dot] com, and we will send you a pre-release of V5.3

    Ian (PassMark)