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Can BurnInTest Pro v3.0 support windows 2000 pro?

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  • Can BurnInTest Pro v3.0 support windows 2000 pro?

    can BurnIn Test Pro v3.0 support windows 2000 pro?

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    But we recommend V3.2

    V3.0 is better if you want to use it on Windows 95 or NT. We stopped testing the software on NT and 95 when we release V3.1.

    Also V3.0 used DirectX 3.
    V3.1 and V3.2 use DirectX 8.

    So for Windows ME, 2000, XP and 2003 server, we recommed V3.2. at the moment and V4 when it is available.



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      Why not use Burnin Test Pro v3.0 with Win2K?

      Aside the fact that versions later than 3.0 are not tested anymore with Win95 and WinNT and that later versions of Burnin Test Pro uses DirectX8 instead of 3, why should version 3.2 be used for Win2K?

      What is the real issue of using Burnin Test Pro v3.0 on Win2K?


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        There were some additional features and bug fixes adding into V3.2 that were not in V3.0.

        See this page for a complete list of changes.

        We also offer a free upgrade from V3.0 to V3.2, so there is no financial reason not to use 3.2.

        So if you are running Win2K then we recommend using V4.0 which is now available or if you don't wish to upgrade, then use 3.2. (in preference to 3.0).

        This is just our recommendation however and if you find than V3.0 on Win2K does everything you need, then there is probably not much reason to change.

        To upgrade or download old versions of the software, see this page

        To download Version 4 see this page