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Video Play fail - Old Celeron 850 Mhz system freeze

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  • Video Play fail - Old Celeron 850 Mhz system freeze


    My mother's computer freeze since a lot of time... I try to correct this problem...

    I remove allways PCI card (sound, TV tunner, network....) and the problem is allways...
    I change the RAM (64x2 + 256 Mo PC133 => a new 256 Mo PC133) and the problem is allways...
    I change the video card (GeForce 4 => Geforce FX 5200) and the problem is allways...
    I format and reinstall OS (Windows XP Home) and the problem is allways...

    When I try BurninTest, all tests are successfull except 'Video Play'.

    I can run all the test (without Video Play) in the same time and all was OK, but when I run Video Play only or with another test, the PC freeze.

    I can't do nothing ! The mouse and the keyboard are disabled !!!!

    This problem appear without Burnin Test sometimes, when I run a website or when i don't anything. Sometime, I must boot 5 or 6 time the computer to arrive under XP...

    The computer's configuration :

    MSI 815 EP Pro, Intel Celeron 850 Mhz
    256 Mo PC133
    Windows XP
    Nvidia Geforce Fx 5200

    Anybody have the solution ???? I don't know !!!!!!
    Help me please!!!!

    Thanks a lot
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    If you can't boot the machine reliably and you have swapped a few of the main componets, then it isn't looking good. Given tha age of the machine, I would dump it rather investing even more time in it.

    I assume that once upon a time the machine was working well. So it probably isn't a BIOS fault. You don't have much left to swap out. Only the power supply, CPU and motherboard are left and a system freeze might be caused by any of them being faulty.


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      Thanks for your reply.

      I will try to change power supply and after... trash if the problem is allways

      (sorry for my bad level in English....)