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NT Blue Screen when running

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  • NT Blue Screen when running

    Does BurnIn Test work with Windows NT 4.0, sp6.0a? We are getting IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL blue screens with an address of 0x0000000A. The drivers that seem to be causing the errors are DirectIO.sys and srv.sys. Any ideas???

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    DirectIO.sys is our device driver that is used with the parallel port loop back test. If you don't use the parallel port test this driver will not be used. Srv.sys is a Microsoft device driver used to control network connections coming into the machine.

    0x0000000A is not an address. It is an error code. The error code means, not surprisingly, IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. The general technical reason for this error is that a kernel-mode process (like a device driver) attempted to access a portion of memory at an Interrupt Request Level (IRQL) that was too high. A kernel-mode process can only access other processes that have an IRQL lesser than or equal to its own.

    There are normally four parameters that accompany a stop message like this, in order of appearance as follows:

    1/ Memory address referenced
    2/ IRQL
    3/ Type of access (0 = read operation, 1 = write operation)
    4/ Address that referenced memory in parameter 1

    If the third parameter is the same as the first parameter, a special condition exists in which a system worker routine, executed by a worker thread to handle background tasks known as work items, returned at a raised IRQL. In that case, the parameters are defined as follows:

    1/ Address of the worker routine
    2/ IRQL
    3/ Address of the worker routine
    4/ Address of the work item

    We are not aware of any bugs in our device driver that would cause this problem.
    What version of BurnInTest are you using? V3.2 is the current version but we stopped testing with Windows NT at version 3.0.
    When does the error happen. When you start a test run or after a long period of testing ?
    Does it only happen on one type of machine or several machines ?
    What are the hardware specs of the machine that you are testing. In particular what is the config for the parallel port. (I/O address, BIOS settings, LPTx number, number of ports, etc..) ?

    For V4.0 of BurnInTest, which is currently under development, we have improved the device driver to handle some of the more obscure parallel port configurations. We are not planning on testing V4.0 on NT however. Let me know if you are nevertheless interested in getting an early beta copy.